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Engaging Students...Creating Learners
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Engaging Students...Creating Learners

Supporting Resiliency in Uncertain Times

10/28/2020 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM CST


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Please join us for the DPI Collaborative Special Education Supports, CESA #1 and Community of Practice on Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disabilities in our Fall Gathering. This gathering will offer opportunities for educators, self-advocates, family members, and community partners to collaborate, build new skills, network, and, most of all, share best practices that improve experiences for students on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities. 



Resiliency Opener


Community of Practice Updates and Welcome
Kelly Brodhagen, Co-Chair CoP ASD/DD

DPI Updates
Eva Shaw, Educational Consultant WI-DPI


Mona Delahooke, Ph.D - Helping Children Cope Through Attuned Relationships
Too often, we view a child’s behavioral differences as items of an autism-diagnosis checklist instead of understanding that they are a child’s way of adapting to how his or her body-brain highway processes information.  Many individuals diagnosed on the spectrum have their behaviors targeted as the focus of treatment.  In this talk, Dr. Delahooke will describe how a basic approach to helping children feel safe in their nervous systems sets the stage for a paradigm shift for how we support neurodiverse children. This approach has a foundation in relational security and stands in contrast to approaches that involve cajoling, reinforcing and non-reinforcing of surface behaviors.


Breakout room discussions


Transition from breakout rooms


Emily W. King, Ph.D.,PLLC - Working Collaboratively with Parents and Families
As a former School Psychologist, current Licensed Psychologist in private practice, and mother of a middle-schooler with Autism, I have sat on all sides of the table in IEP meetings for nearly 20 years. As a former PTA President at my son’s elementary school, I have also felt the power of teacher/parent collaboration and how this alliance positively impacts a student’s school experience. If you are a teacher or school administrator wanting to know more about how to best form these alliances with parents of your students, this talk is for you. If you are a parent, struggling to communicate your concerns for your child while also working collaboratively with your child’s school team, this talk is for you. When a child knows that all adults on their team are working together to make their school situation the best it can be, they are positively impacted. Students learn to self-advocate by watching and listening to us advocate for them. Let’s show them the power of a positive and collaborative team!


Q&A with Emily W. King, Ph.D.,PLLC


Resiliency Closer


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